Senior Trip to Gallrein Farms

By Mya Todd, Staff Member

On the first day of Fall Break, the senior class took a trip to Gallrein Farms. Gallrein Farms, located in Shelbyville, Kentucky, has a corn maze, petting zoo, hayrides and a farmer’s market. The trip was a great bonding activity for the senior class with some girls traveling over forty minutes to experience a great day with their classmates. You could hear the laughter from miles away as girls got lost in the corn maze and went to pet the animals. Senior, Bailey Binkley, said, “This was such a great idea. Everything about this day has been so cute; I’m glad I came.” Taking a class field trip showed up on many senior dream sheets. The senior class officers work to make many of the Senior Dreams happen, and this is just one of many that they hope to accomplish. The slogan for the Class of 2019 is UN1TE9, and they were truly united at Gallrein Farms.

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