Assumption Has Talent

By Braxton Downs, Business Manager

Among the many talented students at Assumption, one star shines out this month. Kayley Stowers, a junior, has always enjoyed singing. The past several years, though, she has put her talent on the backburner. She says, “I’ve always made excuses or been too afraid to actually do stuff I like because I felt like people would think I’m weird.” Her mom took it upon herself to encourage Stowers to audition for America’s Got Talent.

On Thursday, November 15, Stowers and her mother drove down to Knoxville, Tennessee where she would audition for the show. They arrived at America’s Got Talent at 7 a.m where they cruised through a check-in line and then headed to a holding room. From there, producers would call 50 people at a time. She was finally called after 1 hour of waiting. She was then led into a room of 13 people whose talents ranged from singers to comedians to magicians to dancers. Everyone was granted 90 seconds to present their talents and answer questions he the producer had about the auditionee’s life.

When asked about her emotions about the auditions, she stated, “I was really nervous but I’m not a shy person at all. I was more nervous that I would let myself down, not nervous about singing in front of a person.” She performed to the best of her ability after practicing for months leading up to the audition.

The young star even started her own YouTube channel to share her music with others. Featured on the channel is the song “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele in which she sang during her audition.

Stowers will find out if she will move on to the next round in the next 4-5 weeks! The Rocket Launch staff wishes her the best of luck with America’s Got Talent and with her singing career. We are so proud of you, Kayley.

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