The Princess Switch: Movie Review

By Jillian Stigler, Rosecall Editor-in-Chief

*spoilers for the movie ahead

As an avid watcher of all Hallmark Christmas movies, I was ecstatic to find out that Netflix was making a multitude of Christmas rom-coms this year. Among these movies was The Princess Switch. Stacy De Novo, played by Vanessa Hudgens, is a Chicago baker who was entered in a baking competition by her best friend and sous chef, Kevin. While in the small country of Belgravia, Stacy runs into the Duchess of Montenero, Margaret, who is engaged to the prince of Belgravia. They look exactly alike and decide to switch places, so Margaret can be a normal girl before she is destined to rule a country.

This uplifting and enjoyable movie is perfect for a December night with a mug of hot cocoa and popcorn. Stacy, an organized baker who hardly ever steers from the schedule, and Margaret, wanting to live a normal life, prove that life really does happen when you are busy planning.

This Christmas rom-com wouldn’t be a rom-com if it didn’t include love interests. Prince Edward, who is supposed to be marrying Margaret, doesn’t even know the duchess at first. He decides to stay at the palace the exact weekend the girls decide to switch places, and Stacy, who is acting like Margaret, is forced to be with the prince. It is very awkward at first with horse rides, unexpected mistletoe encounters, and Stacy’s unknowledgeable conversations about Montenero. Stacy soon shows the prince how to interact with the people of his country and not be so cold hearted towards his country. As Stacy shopped for Christmas gifts for the orphans, it not only melts the prince’s heart but our hearts too.

While Stacy is off falling in love with the prince, Margaret is getting to know Belgravia and all that it has to offer. She spends time with Kevin and Olivia, Kevin’s daughter, shopping and baking. Kevin sees a change in who he thinks Stacy is but is completely oblivious to the fact that it’s not actually Stacy. Like any good rom-com, they fall in love but only before Margaret must return to the palace. It was heart breaking to see Margaret and Stacy forced to go back to their normal lives when they had fallen in love with each other’s partners.

Although this movie was classically predictable, as the Prince ends up with Stacy and Margaret ends up with Kevin, it is truly a perfect combination of playful and touching. It leaves the viewer wanting to fall in love with a charming prince of Belgravia. With all the aspects of a classic Christmas rom-com, The Princess Switch portrays the importance of living life in the moment, following your heart, and love. The predictability of this film is truly what makes this such a sweet film to watch this year.

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