Christmas Traditions

By Katie Kraus, Staff Member

The holidays have always been a time of traditions, whether they be new or generations old. Different people celebrate different ways during this time of year. One of the most popular holidays around the globe is Christmas and families have many traditions like putting up a tree together, having a big family dinner with lots of people or just immediate family. There are many different traditions that students at Assumption have. Senior Raegan Smith said, “A big tradition in Hawaii that my family still celebrates is instead of the traditional Santa pulling the sleigh, it is a canoe pulled by dolphins.” Ellie Kraus’ traditions start the night before Christmas, “My parents started to tape our doors after we went to bed the night before because we would try and sneak down during the night when we were young to try and catch Santa in the act. It’s not such a big problem now because we’ve grown up, but they still do it because we’ll try and be the first one downstairs.” This goes to show that while we grow up, Christmas is the time of year when our inner child comes out. The same goes for the teachers and their traditions. Mrs. Lasley talked about one of her holiday traditions saying, “The girls in my family and I always go to a ladies’ breakfast on the second weekend of December at our church. It is always a fun time with a raffle that my daughter won one year.”

When the community of Assumption was asked about their favorite holiday traditions, many answers frequently popped up including decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, and going to Grandma’s house. One response said, “The Sunday after thanksgiving my entire family goes “Christmas tree hunting in which we all wear Santa hats, play loud Christmas music, and get to be crazy. We use garland to mark the Christmas trees we like on the farm. Then all of the kids help cut down the tree and we push it over on my grandpa. After that, we go to my grandma’s house, and all 12 cousins are wear matching Christmas PJ’s. We vary from a newborn to a 21-year-old, and we all wear the same pair. We then make brownies, ice cream, buy doughnuts, hot chocolate, and Christmas cookies, and we sit around and laugh. We finish off by watching ELF and decorating the tree together.” Another response said that they like “eating cookies and watching the Friends Christmas episodes.”

Traditions are a huge part of our holiday celebrations, but there are always new ones ready to be made.

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