What did the Juniors do over Mission Week?

By Brookelyn Clark and Claire Hellmann, Staff Members

All juniors started their third mission week by going to Bellarmine University and being taught a course about their future. They were taught about finding the right path that was good for them and they took a smaller version of the Myers Briggs test, an in-depth personality test, to learn about their personality traits. They will take the full test their senior year.

For the college visit, junior Kate Bale attended the University of Kentucky on February 27 with Skylar Hester. Bale and Hester both said they enjoyed the dorms with Hester also enjoying the many areas where students can study. “Even though it was cold, it was still fun,” Bale said.

Anna Belle Ferree attended her job shadow a little farther from home, spending her day at Ole Miss. Ferree said, “I liked the campus and the people in community”

On the next day of mission week Juniors were needed to find a spot to job shadow. Bale visited a dentist, Dr. Campbell, and Hester shadowed a Nurse oncologists, downtown at Norton family and children. Bale explained this about her day, “I watched her do a crown modeling of a tooth and I watched another dentist in the office take X-Rays, then we were taught how to read the X-Rays.” Skylar also explained the different patients she saw and the young ages that she witnessed. “I would want to do it in the future because I liked the nurses because they were kind to the patients,” she said. Ava got to experience what a real life of a dermatologist is like, such as going into patient’s appointments, moles getting removed, etc. She described her day as “interesting.”

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