Mr. Brown’s Retirement

By Katie Haley, J1 student

The rule following and detention loving teacher, Mr. Brown, has announced he is retiring. Mr. Brown has taught at AHS for a long time now, being known for teaching forensics and anatomy. Mr. Brown helps his students prepare for the outside world and college level classes and is someone who the AHS family will miss dearly.

Mr. Brown announced he was retiring about a month ago. “I want to retire because I am past the retirement age and I believed I can no longer reach my fullest potential every class.” He has always had a passion for teaching, he even was a teacher’s assistant in college. For the first five years of his career he taught at St. Francis and came to AHS for an interview because he had only heard great things about the school. He got hired and started what would become a long journey as an AHS teacher.

When Mr. Brown retires, he will be moving onto the next chapter of his life. During his free time, he will continue to play very bad golf and, you guessed it, ride his bike for many miles. On a more serious note, he said that, “I want to become a trainer for people who are addicted to the drug called Narcan, better known as heroin.” And yes, students need to continue to wear their lanyard and buy those ugly plain colored shoes, because Mr. Brown will still be giving detentions outside of school if he runs into you. Always keep an eye out for that maroon colored, Ford Escape, with many bumper stickers on the front, and the bike rack on the back, because he will see you!

Senior, Bailey Binkley, loves Mr. Brown and will never forget the lessons he has taught her. She thinks Mr. Brown shows a great example for other teachers on how to set rules and has taught Binkley how integrity matters and that she can’t get away with anything. “He wants his students to be the best versions of themselves. The AHS community will miss him and never forget his ways,” said Binkley.

Senior, Taylor Warfield, said Mr. Brown helped her prepare for college and has taught her how important it is to prepare for test. Warfield is planning on becoming a nurse and is currently taking Mr. Brown’s anatomy class. She said one of the ways Mr. Brown has taught her to remember material is by marching around the class room and mentioned that AHS alumni have emailed Mr. Brown and told him without his class they would be far behind in their college class. “Mr. Brown has taught me that college professors will not hold your hand, you must be independent and stay on top of your work,” Warfield said.

Mr. Brown has left a mark on AHS and will always be remembered. As a college prep high school, he has gone over the top to make sure his students are prepared for the challenging classes students will take in college and outside world problems they will face during adult hood. Mr. Brown may seem like a tough teacher, who follows the rules, but behind that disciplinary exterior, he is a great teacher who wants the best for his students and will continue to shine his light outside of AHS. We will miss you Mr. B!

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