The Boys Are Back

By Tara Haffner, Copy Editor, and Lindsay Jenkins, RoseCast Editor-in-Chief

At the end of February, an infamous group of brothers returned to the music scene. Their name is the Jonas Brothers. The social media world began blowing up at the news of this childhood group coming back into the spotlight. Their Instagram account was reactivated which was the first major sign that this group was returning. Not only did the group announce their reunion as a band, but they also posted promotion for their new single which would be released the next day called Sucker.

Sucker, their first song back, has become a pop sensation among all age groups. This song was the Jonas Brothers’ first attempt at combining Joe’s style from DNCE and Nick’s style from his solo career. Both Joe and Nick sing main parts in this song while Kevin continues to rock his guitar. Nick sings the higher, falsetto sections of the song while Joe sings a lot of the verse lyrics. This song skyrocketed on the iTunes Charts and became number one. Then, it rose to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Sucker’s music video is definitely one to remember with its unique setting and aesthetics. The video has over 76 million views on YouTube. It features Kevin with his wife, Danielle, Nick with his wife, Priyanka, and Joe with his fiancée, Sophie. The video was filmed at a massive castle-like setting at Hatfield House which is located in Hertfordshire, England. The huge property and land allowed for a dramatic dynamic in the video.

Both the music video and song give the Jonas Brothers a triumphant return to the music scene. The Jonas Brothers have already performed a couple private shows showcasing old throwbacks and their new single. There has been much talk about future live performances and possibly a tour. It may feel like the music industry is going back in time, but it is only a new beginning for the future of the Jonas Brothers’ new success in music.

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