Our Reptilian Friend

By: Riley Stull, Business Manager

The Assumption community says a sad goodbye to our beloved Iggy the Iguana. The adored iguana was a friend to many students and enjoyed roaming the halls until this school year. Iggy was a constant member of the first floor Arts and Sciences Wing for about 12 years. She resided in room 113, and enjoyed making friends with all of Ms. Corbett’s students. Iggy made the difficult decision to retire starting this school year to enjoy life at home with Ms. Corbett. Iggy will live on through the wonderful memories made with her here at Assumption.

Iggy was rescued from a previous abusive owner, and Ms. Corbett was able to adopt her. Iggy was missing her tail due to an injury from the prior owner. Through Ms. Corbett’s hard work and kindness, Iggy was able to recover and become the happy hall-roamer that she was. We, the Assumption community, would like to thank Ms. Corbett for adopting Iggy and sharing her with us. We also want to thank Iggy for always putting a smile on our face and being a constant friend.

The Humane Action team is planning to memorialize Iggy. They have a few ideas so far, one being selling lanyard pins with Iggy on them and donating the profits to Arrowhead Reptile Rescue.

Story by: Riley Stull

Photo by: Eloise Mercer

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