The Spirit of Sisterhood

By: Ainsley Wuerth, Editor

On Thursday, February 6th, Assumption High School celebrated a favorite tradition- winter pep rally. Each year, this event is adored by faculty, staff, and students for its unforgettable displays of community, tradition, and passion for both Assumption and each individual class.

The pep rally began with a flawless performance by the AHS Dance Team. The community of Assumption couldn’t be prouder of our dancers, who just recently placed second at nationals in jazz.


The pep rally continued by honoring the winter sports teams, including dance, basketball, swim, mascot team, archery, and cheer. Each team was represented by a senior, who told the audience of their accomplishments of the season. Cheer was given a special shout-out as they represented Assumption well at nationals in Orlando, Florida.

After winter sports, the annual bleacher dance competition got into full swing. The freshmen impressed the audience with an amazing first round. The seniors proved to be extremely supportive to the underclasswomen as they cheered and applauded to encourage the freshmen to believe in themselves. Next, the sophomores delivered a powerful and well-choreographed dance; it was clear that they put a lot of time and effort into their dance, which payed off when it was revealed that they won first place. The juniors performed third, using their class spirit and competitive nature motivate them to have full enthusiasm and focus throughout the dance; this earned them third place in the competition. The seniors then performed their last bleacher dance, surprising most of the audience with a much better and stronger dance than in past years, which led to the seniors placing in second place. Each grade gave their dance their all, showing their spirit and passion with pride and focus!

After bleacher dances came time for Fly Girls 2020. You could feel the excitement in the air as the audience prepared to see what class of 2020 brought to the table. The class of 2020 presented a hype video for Fly Girls, filmed and edited by Shaina Sowers ’20. The video paid tribute to earlier Fly Girls performances and gave some sneak previews to the dance. The video can be found at if you would like to relive the magic.

This year was also unique in that the class of 2020 dedicated their performance to their sister, Katie McKune who was not able to attend the pep rally during her battle with cancer. The audience could feel the passion and dedication that went into preparing the dance and making Katie proud. It was clear where the hearts of the class of 2020 lie, and they made Katie proud with their love for Assumption and for the Fly Girls tradition.

The class of 2020 then performed an enthusiastic, heartfelt dance. The moment came together beautifully as the class of 2020 realized that it was their turn to carry on the legacy.

The pep rally ended with the tradition of the class cheers; it echoed through the halls and continues to echo in the hearts of each member of the Assumption community, but especially in the hearts of the class of 2020 as they remember what made their last winter pep rally so special and impassioned.

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