Family Council Creates Light In The Darkness

By: Riley Stull, Staff

April 14th was supposed to be the big day. The day of Family Olympics, the final Family Competition of the year. Cork and Tullamore were neck and neck in the race for Family Competition winner, so this event would make the difference for the year’s winner. Family Council was hard at work each meeting to prepare for this event and make it a fun day for the school. Then, Governor Andy Beshear began to hold press conferences. He said that the Corona Virus was no longer a faraway problem. It had made its way to Kentucky. He then recommended that students not return to school until April 6th. The Family Olympics was quickly forgotten about.

But, there still had to be something to wrap up the year. So, the Family Council Executive Board came up with a new idea to do a competition virtually. Family Council decided to do a virtual spirit week and a quarantine activity bingo. This would round out the year for the family competitions. The Virtual Spirit Week would be conducted through Instagram with themes like Talk It Out Tuesday and Family Fun Friday. Each post is worth three points for that person’s family. The Bingo takes place April 13th-17th. The card contains 24 activities that can be completed at home. A bingo is worth 15 points for a person’s family, and a cover-all is worth 100 points.

These activities were created to give students some fun things to do at home during this time of social-distancing. As a Family Council board member, I had never wanted the year to end this way. I was truly excited for the Olympics this year. However, everything happens for a reason. I am excited about this new creative competition at home and I hope that the student body feels the same. The Board met online to discuss this new plan, and we felt that it was the best option for the circumstances. As of the Wednesday tallies, Cork, Limerick, and Tullamore were all leading the pack. This activity has brought the creativity out in several girls, especially on the days that could have involved costumes. In true Assumption fashion, a little competition always brings out the best in the students.

Here is the Bingo template for this week’s activity:

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