At Home Work Spaces

By Lily Bickel

Six months ago, people were not talking about home offices or workspaces. Flashforward to October 2020 and it is one of many topics of discussion. Home offices should be comfortable yet not distracting. They should help you learn by meeting your needs. If you asked 100 people six months ago if they would be willing to do school or work in their bedroom, they probably would have said no. A home office should be a space that will motivate and encourage students to succeed in their school work. Obviously, Covid- 19 has forced many of us to create the perfect at home work space.

Finding what suits you best can be a challenge. Would you work better in your bed? Kitchen? Living room? It all depends on the person. According to sophomore Cecilia Carraro, her perfect at home set up would be a bed with a built-in desk so she can stay comfortable and focused at once. For most people, comfort is key. Although, working from home can have its challenges, like annoying siblings, outside noises, and nosy parents. When asked what her pet peeves are about working from home, Senior Haley McEnaney said, “my biggest pet peeves are when my parents make noise when listening to notes or when my internet gets messed up”. Haley does her online school in her mother’s office space in their house. 

The 2020-2021 school year will be a challenge for all of us, but we can make it unique by having a comfortable yet motivating work space. Staying focused is another challenge for students everywhere. On the bright side, working from home can offer multiple advantages. Such as a more relaxed schedule. The breaks between classes can really help if you have to use the restroom or grab a snack and a drink. Breaks also help if you have to talk with a teacher privately. Rather than having lunch at school, having lunch at home can help students relax and enjoy their time. Students can watch television and even get carry out for lunch. All in all, working from home can be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how you view it. But in the end, having a tidy and personal work space can make all the difference.

PC: Olivia O’Bryan

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