Is TikTok Getting Banned?

By Savanna Shaw

Most people have likely heard of the popular app “TikTok” by now. TikTok is an app where people can make up to sixty second videos of pretty much anything they want. Creators do skits, dances, lip-syncing, art, and so much more. It is an app where people express their creativity and just enjoy making videos. Some people, including me, just enjoy watching the videos rather than making them. But many creators have found great fame and wealth from the app.

Charli D’amelio, a sixteen-year-old creator on the app, has gotten over 90 million followers in less than a year. Addison Rae, a twenty-year-old creator on the app, has over 60 million followers. Creators such as Charli and Addison have become very well-known because of TikTok. There are many other very popular creators on the app. Popular creators make money on the app by doing brand deals and joining the creator fund that TikTok recently announced. This $200M fund pays creators who are at least eighteen years old and have at least 10,000 followers. TikTok has become a main source of income for many people who have developed fame.

Although the app is super popular, there has been recent talk about it getting banned in the United States. Why would such a harmless, creative app get banned, one might ask? TikTok is a Chinese social media network owned by ByteDance. ByteDance is a technology company based in Beijing. This raises an issue for the United States because they’re skeptical about the security of the information Americans put into TikTok. The United States believes that the Chinese government could be using this app to access data on Americans. This obviously is something our government would not be okay with considering it is personal information that they could be accessing.

With over 100 million people on the app in the United States alone, many people were not happy. People genuinely love the app and use it often.  Our government stated that they would not ban the app if an American corporation purchased the United States operations for the app. After weeks of speculations and rumors, a company named Oracle Corp. purchased the U.S. operations. Oracle Corp. went head to head with Microsoft Corp., but Oracle had the highest bid. This does not mean Oracle Corp. now owns TikTok, it just means that they control the United States issues and accounts within the app. This could potentially resolve the issue with information and data being possibly stolen.

So, is the app still getting banned? It is difficult to say what exactly will happen, but it is likely the app is here to stay in the United States. The deal with Oracle Corp. still has to be approved by our government, but it is said to likely get approved. Many people have been very confused about the status of the app because of rumors and the lack of information given. For now, people can still enjoy watching and creating fun videos.

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