Canstruction 2020 – The Plans

By Riley Stull

This year, Canstruction has a whole lot less cans. Due to health concerns, Dare to Care is asking for money rather than cans this year. This means that your Family Council had to get creative with our family competition this year.

This year, Family Council has brainstormed a new way to do things. We will be decorating buckets in homeroom and each family will have a general theme. The buckets will hold the money and will be what is voted on for family points. Administration has approved incentives like Halloween costumes and a week of spirit wear. The competition may not be the normal way of doing things, but a good amount of school spirit will make it just as fun.

Now, to address the need in our community, Dare to Care has given away more food this year than ever in the past. According to the Courier Journal, “Dare to Care distributed 600,000 more pounds of food in March 2020 than March 2019.” Due to higher unemployment and more people being furloughed, food insecurity is higher than ever. Though landlords may have paused rent payments back in the spring, the need for food never ends. Because Dare to Care has access to cans in bulk, the money actually helps more than cans. They are able to buy 3 meals for $1, while one can at Kroger costs around 70 cents. According to Feeding America, “2 out of 5 people using food banks have never used them before.” The need is so much larger now due to the pandemic and less jobs.

Canstruction may not be what we had wanted this year, but we can still make a huge difference in our community. Food insecurity is a huge problem now due to the unstable economy, so we must do our part to help those around us.

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