2020 Halloween Costume Ideas

By Lilly Cotton

2020 has been a strange time for everyone and everything, but because of our world basically coming to a stop this gave people more time to binge their old and new favorite T.V. shows. Many new shows appeared on Netflix this year and this is the perfect place to pull some inspiration for this years Halloween.

  • The show Cheer was very popular during the start of quarantine. Show’s the life of the Navarro cheer team and how they prepare for their season. Take a black athletic skirt and pare it with this Navarro tank and you have your look for the night.
  • Euphoria also gained lots of attention and popularity during quarantine. Directed by Zendaya, this show has a costume for everyone. For girls who want to be a little more dressed up and girly Cassie’s cow print skirt and wild makeup might be for you. While if you’re looking to be a little more casual Rue Bennett’s outfits would work best.
    • Cassie
    • Rue Bennett
    • Jules
  • Even though Halloween isn’t on a Wednesday this year, it still might be the perfect time to wear pink. These simple and easy outfits would be perfect for a group of three to pull off the Mean Girls look. All you need is a pink sweater and skirt and you’re set for the night.
    • Regina George
    • Gretchen Wieners
    • Karen Smith
    • Damian
  • If you love Disney and easy way to dress up would do go as your favorite character. When trying to find an outfit for your Disney character look at the colors they wear most. Like in the example below for Lilo and Stitch all you need is a red top and skirt you can accessorize to add more detail and make it clearer about who your character is. For Lilo, you could add the leaf crown and Stitch, you could make fake ears out of some construction paper and an old headband.
  • Probably one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year will be a space cowgirl. This look was inspired by Kendall Jenner’s 2019 Halloween costume. The costume has since gained lots of popularity and would make a great for anyone because of how fun it looks. All you need is something sparkly to wear a cowboy hat and some boots. Then you should be set for your night!
  • Looking for a group costume? The Spice Girls might be the perfect outfit for your group. With this diverse group of girls, there should be a costume for everyone. From Sporty Spice’s more casual look to Ginger Spice’s iconic English flag dress. This is an easy and fun group look that would include everyone.
  • Another popular costume this year is going to be going as a Barbie or Bratz’s doll. This outfit has gain lots of attention from the app TikTok, and many girls are going to be seen wearing it this year. It’s also pretty affordable! All you need is a fun colored skirt and a top that says Barbie or Bratz on it. You can accessorize with glitter, makeup, jewelry, and sunglasses.
  • For a trio costume for a group of close friends, go as the Powerpuff Girls. This is another great and easy costume that people could recognize since they all have either own colors. For Bubbles, chose light baby blues with your hair in pigtails. For Buttercup, use darker colors and deep greens, and Blossom needs her iconic bow and pink clothing to match.
  • None of the ideas sound appealing so far? Well good thing we have one more! Chose your favorite decade and dress up as if you’re in it! This is a great way to have some fun with different clothes you wouldn’t normally wear out. From the 60’s, wear short baby-doll dresses in pastel or bright colors. Don’t forget your Go-go boots! For a more boho look, you can choose fashion from the 70’s. Wear bell-bottoms or a long flowy skirt. For 80’s style, you’ll need high-waisted ripped jeans, lace shirts, neon colors, and of course leg warmers.



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