Top 10 Fall Outfit Trends

By Riley Stull

This fall isn’t unlike any other in that its 40 degrees one day and 80 the next. Here are some outfit suggestions for all kinds of weather.

  1. SHERPAS: Let’s face it, COVID restrictions are here to stay for a while. We might as well stay warm and cozy during it. I’ve heard this material called so many things, but in my house, it’s called sherpa. Nothing is better than comfy gray sweatpants, Christmas-themed fuzzy socks, and a warm sherpa jacket. Add in a good movie and some popcorn, and you’re set!
  2. ANIMAL PRINTS: I feel like I cannot find a single website around that doesn’t have some kind of animal print clothing on it. While I would never recommend getting anything that’s made out of a real animal, I think this trend of animal prints is super cute. If you’re thinking about going to UK, then this trend is an added bonus for you because leopard print is available almost everywhere.
  3. FUN JEANS: Are you in the mood for a DIY? Or maybe you found a super cool pair of jeans? Well, now’s your time to shine! Make your jeans unique by painting, cutting, or ironing patches on them, and pair them with a simple top or bodysuit and basic shoes. With this trend, you can pass the time and have a unique piece of clothing in your closet.
  4. COZY SWEATERS: I am cold all the time, so I will only buy a sweater if it will keep me warm. Right now, comfy-ness is high on my priority list, and there are so many sweaters out there that would be perfect for this fall.
  5. LONG SLEEVES UNDER TOPS: Did your mom ever make you wear a long sleeve or a turtleneck under a t-shirt to school? Well, mine did, and while I was warm, my outfit was not considered “cool”. Apparently, now its super cool. Functionality over fashion ladies!
  6. COLLARED SHIRTS: Once again, something I hated wearing when I was little is in style. I thought my uniform shirts were hideous, but they’re actually kinda cute when they’re over-sized and cropped. Rock that 90’s look!
  7. FLARED JEANS: These are so cool! These jeans make people look so tall. They come in all colors and instantly dress up a look. They are perfect for college gamedays or even Thanksgiving dinner.
  8. PLAID SKIRTS: Plaid is IN! Its super cute and easy to match with lots of colors based on what colors you skirt has. These skirts is perfect for a birthday dinner on the weekend.
  9. JEAN JACKETS: Are you cold? Wear a jean jacket. Is your outfit not modest enough for church? Wear a jean jacket. Is your outfit just kinda blah? Wear a jean jacket. Jean jackets literally solve all outfit problems.
  10. OVERALL DRESSES: What better way to stay warm and look cute than an overall dress. These make outfits easy to put together and are never uncomfortable.

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