The 3rd and Final Presidential Debate

By Avery Dobozi

October 22 was the third and final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The debate took place in Nashville and was the last chance for the candidates to present their views. The event was moderated by Kristen Welker.

The first topic of debate was about the Coronavirus. President Trump assured that the Coronavirus is going away as surges are dropping and a vaccine is right around the corner. Biden compared American statistics regarding COVID-19 to European statistics. claimed he would end the virus with a plan if he were to be elected. While Biden insisted on more lockdowns, Trump pushed for opening schools as well as the rest of the country.

The next topic was regarding the threat against voter security, especially interferences from foreign countries. Biden claimed he would make sure that any countries that try to interfere will “pay a price” for effecting sovereignty. Trump said he would put an end to election interferences from foreign nations as well.

Trump went on to claim that Biden had been taking money from foreign nations. Biden refuted that and argued he has never taken money from any foreign nations. He also urged for Trump to release his tax return as well. While still on the topic of foreign nations, Trump claimed he has had the best relationship with Russian and North Korean leaders in American history.

When talking about health insurance, Trump assured that he would protect insurance and those suffering from preexisting conditions. He said he wants more private insurance, but he would not take away public insurance. Biden said he would make a new public health care option and provide health insurance at an affordable rate.

On the topic of economy, Biden pushed for a minimum wage of at least $15 and pushed for better funding for teachers and first responders. Trump wants a minimum wage to be determined by the individual states.

Immigration was the next topic of debate, where Trump assured Americans that he did not build cages at the border and blamed the Obama Administration for it. Trump also claimed that the children separated from their parents at the border came to the border without their parents. Biden said he wants to help those seeking asylum, and refuted Trump’s claim that the cages at the border were build by the Obama Administration.

When speaking of race in America, Trump claimed that he has done most for the black community in America, besides Lincoln. He argued that his criminal justice reform, prison reform, and helping to fund historically black colleges and universities all proves what he has done for the black community. Biden promised he would change the system to promote equality for all Americans, and he said there has never been liberty or equality for all in America.

Climate change was the next topic of debate, and Trump claimed we have the best carbon emission numbers as well as the cleanest air and water. He reiterated that he took America out of the Paris Accord because it was unfair and wasted American money. Biden expressed how we have a moral obligation to reverse climate change, and we have very limited time to clean up the climate. He also stated he would like to rejoin Paris Accord and make China abide to the rules.

Thanks for reading about the final presidential debate! Please remember to vote if you are eligible!

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