Top 10 Thanksgiving Traditions

By Mayzie Karem

Thanksgiving, also known as Turkey Day, is a holiday celebrated in both the United States and Canada to give thanks. It is celebrated in order to be grateful for all we have and to give thanks for not only the food on the table but the people we surround ourselves with during that meal as well. 

The first Thanksgiving tradition is eating turkey on Thanksgiving. This is why Thanksgiving is refered to as Turkey Day.

The second thanksgiving tradition is eating the Thanksgiving feast with close family, friends, and neighbors. This is one of the most favored things on Thanksgiving. 

The third Thanksgiving tradition is planning a Friendsgiving. Many students agreed something they love is to plan a Friendsgiving with all their friends to celebrate a Thanksgiving meal.

The fourth Thanksgiving tradition is decorating your/others houses for Thanksgiving or fall. This is always a fun way to get in the spirit of Thanksgiving.

The fifth Thanksgiving tradition is attending a harvest or fair. This tradition is fun for all families/friends to set the mood for the holiday and get excited for what is to come.

The sixth thanksgiving tradition is the Thanksgiving parade. This happens each year to celebrate giving thanks and being grateful for what we have. 

The seventh Thanksgiving tradition is watching a Thanksgiving movie. A classic movie watched by many is “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”.

The eighth Thanksgiving tradition is making a wish on the turkey wishbone. Doing this, two people hold on to each side of the bone and pull. Whoever gets the longer side will get their wish granted. 

The ninth Thanksgiving tradition is Black Friday Shopping. Black Friday is when many things go on sale and complete a lot of their Christmas shopping!

The tenth Thanksgiving tradition is going to the pumpkin patch, the corn maze, or even the apple orchard. Picking pumpkins is exciting and also a good way to decorate your house (Huber’s is a good place to go)! 

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