Gift Ideas for Friends

By Lily Bickel

With Halloween over, the Christmas season is right around the corner. People everywhere are already preparing for it. Finding the perfect gift for a friend can be a challenge. Majority of people find gifts for family first then close friends. Knowing what kinds of gifts the person likes can help you pick the perfect one. Due to COVID-19, shopping online might be one of your best interests this holiday season. There are countless advertisements for websites all over social media.

Still don’t know what to get your best friends? Hopefully these ideas will help.

  • Room décor is always a stellar gift for anyone. Take note of the colors that interest them and find designs that draw them in. A fashionable wall painting or framed print is a great choice.
  • Something that is hot on the market right now is the cozy and lovable Squishmallows, which can be gifted to all ages. They are a soft, plush stuffed animal with a rounded shape, and they work as great pillows. They come in a multitude of different animals and foods, as well as different sizes.
  • Jewelry can be an amazing present too. Finding a unique symbol for a friendship necklace/bracelet is a sweet gesture. Going along with jewelry, long distance touch bracelets are a great gift to mail to someone special that is far away. When you touch the bracelet, the other can feel it from anywhere in the world.
  • Self-care wise, there are lots of stores that have holiday exclusive items. For example, Sephora and Ulta (two very popular beauty supply stores) usually have pre- packaged gift sets with great quality make up. Both stores previously mentioned they carry a variety of bath bombs, salts, and soaps too. It is never a bad idea to give your friend the gift of relaxation.
  • Have an artsy friend who likes to capture every moment? Snag them a disposable camera. They are becoming a trendy item to carry around and are much more light weight and cheaper than a normal camera.
  • If all else fails, a gift card is a great opportunity to let your friend pick the right gift for them. If you can’t think of a store they would like, ask other people they are close to, so you can get some ideas.
  • An affordable option is to print out a picture of you and your friend and put it in a picture frame. You can print pictures using the Walgreens app on your phone then pick them up the next day. This gift is sure to warm their heart.
  • The cheapest option of all is to make your friends holiday goodie bags. You can find plastic goodie bags at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

No matter what gift you choose, your friend will still be so appreciative that you thought of him/her. Even if the gift is not out of this world, it’s the thought that counts, no matter how cheesy that sounds.

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