Sibling Gift Ideas

By Erin Lewantowicz


This holiday season will be different, but it doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating!

For me, my 3 siblings are the hardest people to shop for. I never know what the best gift is for them. I’m sure some of you have this struggle, too. So, here is a list of 5 gifts each for 3 different age groups. I hope you find this helpful!

Ages 6 & under:

  • Coloring books
    • Coloring is something all ages love to do. These books are a great way for little kids to spend their time coloring, and it won’t be on the walls!
  • Slinky
    • A slinky is an easy gift to buy that can be fun for everyone! You can spend time teaching your little sibling how to make it go down the stairs.
  • Pajamas
    • You could buy your siblings matching Christmas pajamas and start a tradition!
  • Stuffed animals
    • Little kids loved stuffed animals, and there are so many cute ones, especially the squishmallows!
  • Movies
    • Every kid has some movie they love to watch. You could buy this movie for them, or your gift could be to spend time watching it with them, even if it’s not your favorite.


Ages 7-12:

  • Books
    • Many kids love to read, especially around this age. You could buy them the next book in the series they’re reading or introduce them to a new fictional world.
  • Board game
    • Board games can be so much fun! You can buy your sibling a board game that will get the whole family to have a good time.
  • Legos
    • Legos are a great way for the creatively inclined to spend their time.
  • Paint
    • Paint is so much fun for kids! You can do finger paint, follow a Bob Ross tutorial, or paint each other!
  • Kid’s sunglasses
    • Sunglasses can be so fun. You could do a DIY sunglasses craft or pick up a funky pair!


Ages 13& up:

  • Echo dot
    • Echo dots can be really useful for teens, and they are pretty cheap!
  • Room décor
    • This is especially good if your sibling is heading off to college soon or is already there. I am sure there is something that you could buy them!
  • Blanket
    • A good blanket can last someone longer than 10 years, and they’ll be sure to use it!
  • Bluetooth speaker
    • If you know your sibling doesn’t have a speaker, then this is a great gift!
  • Disposable cameras
    • A new trend is taking disposable cameras everywhere to document memories, and these are pretty cheap!

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