Gift Ideas for Mom

By Alli Brooks


The Holiday season is around the corner, meaning Christmas and other gift-giving holidays are approaching. It is usually important to have gifts for each member of your family, but sometimes its hard to figure out what would be best for each individual. Today, I have pulled some gift ideas that would be great for moms!

If you want to keep it simple, get your mom — or your mother figure – something universal and enjoyable. Some examples include:

  • Plants
    • Succulents
    • Flowers
    • Air plants
  • Candles
    • They smell good and they are so useful.
    • You can get interesting candles that can be used for dining or you can get scented candles.
  • Scarves
    • These are fun to shop for and will keep your mom cozy all winter long.
  • Nail Polish
    • If your mom likes her nail painted this would be a fun gift to get because you can turn it into a spa day for the two of you.
  • Gift Cards
    • Everyone needs some retail therapy or just a discount off something they love. Get your mom a gift card to her favorite store or a free massage at a spa. Its simple, yet shows you care.
  • Jewelry
    • If your mom likes jewelry, find her earrings, a necklace, or a bracelet. Shop through Etsy or through her favorite stores and try to find good deals so you don’t break the bank. You can get something unique for her.
  • Mugs
    • These are a great, simple gift that can be so cute and fit anyone’s wish list.


And lastly if you are not looking to spend too much money, just do something extra kind for your mom.

  • Make them a meal.
    • You could cook them breakfast in bed, make them a special dessert, or cook dinner for them and your family to give them a nice break.
  • Clean up the house.
    • Maybe your mom already cleans the house but beat her to it and clean it up for her. This is a gift that can mean so much and yet it is so simple to do.
  • Make some art for her.
    • This could be anything and it doesn’t have to be amazing. You could make a card for her, a collage, a painting, or pressed flowers. Anything will do and there is no doubt that she will love it.
  • An I love you jar
    • Just get crafty and sweet. Grab a mason jar, some colored paper, pens, and scissors. Cut the paper into strips and write reasons why you love your mom or little things you can do for her. Put the strips into the jar and if you want to decorate the jar and put a title like “25 Reasons I Love You”. And that’s it you’ve got a free gift for your mom.

I hope this list is helpful to everyone as the holidays approach us. Have fun giving gifts!

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