The Utah Monolith

by Emily Letterle

*Image from left to right: The monoliths in California, Utah, and Romania.*

Appearing and vanishing mysteriously, all three monoliths discovered thus far have stirred up lots of theories and conversations.

As if 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, theories are now circulating that aliens are responsible for the recently discovered monolith in Utah. The 9.5-foot metal structure was discovered in southeastern Utah by state biologists on November 18. However, Google Earth images show that the monolith has been there since 2015 or 2016. On November 20, the Utah Department of Public Safety posted a picture of the monolith to Instagram, resulting in hundreds of people searching to find the undisclosed location. Within 48 hours of the Instagram post, the location was found and people from all parts of the nation flocked to Utah to see the sight. It was a short-lived spectacle, as it was removed during the night of November 27. Many rumors quickly popped up that aliens were responsible for the mysterious placement and removal of the strange structure. These rumors were fueled by a viral Tiktok depicting a group of three friends who went to see the monolith. Behind one of the girls, a strange creature can be seen on a canyon wall.

Inspiring alien conspiracies, this Tiktok shows a strange creature at the site of the Utah monolith.

These conspiracy theories were soon silenced when a group of men came forward to admit their part in the removal of the Utah monolith. The group who removed it advocate for the “Leave No Trace” movement. They stated that they removed it because of the havoc that tourists were wreaking on the formerly pristine public land. As hundreds of people flocked to the land that was wildly unprepared for this, they left behind their trash and other waste.

However, the mystery does not end with the Utah monolith. Two more monoliths have been discovered. Each one disappeared shortly after its discovery. One was found in Romania on November 27th, the day the one in Utah vanished. This Romanian monolith disappeared on December 2nd. Following the strange pattern, a third monolith appeared in California on December 2nd and was taken down on December 3rd. The monoliths in Utah and California are very similar structures made of smooth metal, but the one in Romania instead has strange loops and welding marks on the metal sides.

Although the monoliths in Utah and California have been confirmed to be taken down by groups of men, the disappearance of the Romanian structure, as well as the appearance of all the monoliths, remains a mystery thus far. Whether this is the work of aliens or simply an anonymous artist is still very much debated. There are many questions that have been left unanswered about these odd structures, and it is unclear when these answers will be revealed.


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