DIY Christmas Ornaments

By Emily Letterle

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Emily Letterle

Bored at home and looking to get in the Christmas mood with some crafts? Here are some ideas for some super simple and cute DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments!

DIY String Star Ornament

For this craft, you will need twine, glue, and 5 small wooden sticks, I used kabob skewers cut to my preferred size. First, you will glue to five wooden sticks into a star shape. I would recommend panting them to match the color of your twine. Once the frame of the star is set in place, simply take your twine and loop it across the star. Be sure to tie a secure knot at your starting point and wrap it all around your wooden star frame. I chose to not cover my star completely and left some spaces between the twine. When you are done, bring the twine to the top of your star, tie one secure knot, leave extra twine to tie it to the tree, and secure it back to the star with another knot. Cut off the excess twine hanging from the last knot and hang it on your tree!


Cinnamon Stick Christmas Cross Ornament

This craft is super simple but will be cute on your tree while also adding a nice Christmas smell! For this ornament, you will need glue, string, and cinnamon sticks. First, trim your cinnamon sticks to your desired lengths. Then, using a hot glue gun, glue the smaller cinnamon stick a little over halfway up the larger stick. Next, take some pretty string and wrap it around the cinnamon sticks for extra security and decoration. Finally, make a large loop with your string, tie the end of the string together, and glue this knot to the top of the cinnamon stick and hang it on your tree!

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