The Start of ACTS

By Mayzie Karem

Sophomore ACTS is an amazing thing Assumption has done for a long time. During ACTS, the sophomores usually go out and do service during the school day. This experience can be very amazing and inspiring for many. Unfortunately, this year has been a little different. Because of the pandemic, these sophomores were unable to go do this service in person. ACTS is a tradition at Assumption, so the administration and teachers worked to figure out an alternative to this service so that these sophomores can still get the ACTS experience but pandemic-style.

This year, the sophomores partnered with Semple Elementary which is a school close to Churchill Downs in Louisville. Semple focuses on real-world education and meeting each student’s individual needs. Each sophomore is paired with a student within the grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, and they meet on zoom every Wednesday. These sophomores tutor on BookNook to teach these children how to read. Every Wednesday, these students meet on a call with these sophomores for an hour to complete reading activities. Some of these young children are having trouble reading and learning, so the sophomores are there to guide the children so that they can get a better education.

Sophomore, Shaye Karem says, “This experience has been different than what I expected, but it truly is an amazing thing to be able to do. I love making connections with these students even if it’s over a Zoom call.” Many of these students are struggling to improve their reading during virtual learning, and ACTS is giving them some one-on-one help. Some of these young students have trouble joining these meetings or have no motivation to participate. These sophomores work with these children so that they can be helped and taught what they need to know for the future. In normal COVID fashion, Assumption had to work to improvise with sophomore ACTS, but in the end it seems like everything turned out great. 

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