Top 10 Winter Fashion Trends

By Riley Stull

This winter looks like more time inside, but that doesn’t mean all cute outfits should be stored away. Here are ten of the cutest trends this winter.

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1. SHACKETS: These flannels/jackets/shirts are a comfy way to dress up leggings and a t-shirt. These shackets come in millions of color combinations, and they aren’t all that expensive. Sometimes, a heavy coat can be too warm for the not-so-freezing days or the days you stay inside, and these are the perfect solution.

2. SWEATER VESTS: These used to be something dads wore to church, but somehow they’ve transformed into a stylish add-on. Many girls are wearing them all kinds of ways to dress up an outfit. These sweater vests are a fun way to make a boring outfit unique.

3. SPARKLES: The sparkly tops and dresses are making quarantine just a little more fun. Sparkles always make a situation a little more happy. Though there are no upcoming holidays to dress up for, this trend still may be useful for a girls’ night in with a few friends.

4. ONE-SHOULDER TOPS/DRESSES: Show off those shoulders with this new trend! The one-shoulder trend makes basics unique. This trend also makes the neckline of the tops and dresses a bit higher which can help keep you a bit warmer.

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5. PUFFER JACKETS: Warm and comfy should always be your main goal during winter. These puffer jackets accomplish both of these goals without being super heavy parkas. Puffers come in all colors and lengths which helps to add a pop of color to any winter outfit.

6. COMFY SWEATERS: These better always be on trend for the rest of time! Comfy sweaters are perfect for any occasion, from movie night at home to church on Sundays. Sweaters can easily dress up an outfit while also keeping you warm.

7. PUFFY SLEEVE BLOUSES: Not sure what the proper term for these is, but these are such a great trend! Finally, tight shirts and pants are going out of style, and the fluffier styles are in. These blouses will hide the fact that you missed arm day this week and add an unique twist to your outfit.

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8. MATCHING SETS: This may be the easiest outfit idea ever. Whether it’s a matching set of a sports bra and leggings or a matching set of joggers and a sweatshirt, a set always makes you look so put together. This outfit takes minimal effort, is typically very comfortable, and is a great way to add some color to your closet.

9. TURTLENECKS: Never in a million years did anyone think that both sweater vests and turtlenecks would be on a fashion trends list, but here it is! Many girls are styling these under crew-neck sweatshirts. These make a very comfy outfit look extremely put together.

10. BOOTS: These are always a winter trend, but the specific type of boot changes each season. This season, Doc Marten style boots are very in style along with knee high boots. The Doc Martens can be paired with any kind of outfit to make it a little more edgy. The knee highs add a new look to add kind of outfit with the added texture.

I think the general message here is to stay warm and have fun with your outfits. Stay home and stay safe!

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