Student Opinions on the Capitol Breach

By Avery Dobozi

On January 6, a large group of protesters stormed the United States Capitol Building leaving hundreds of officials in danger and our nation on high alert. The storming of the Capitol was the first major breach of security since the War of 1812, and tragically left one dead. This is a very confusing time in American history, and there are many different opinions on important subjects. It is important to keep in touch with the news and talk to peers about the happenings across the world. Here are a few student opinions on the recent event at our Capitol.

When she first turned on the news, Junior, Hannah M., couldn’t comprehend what was going on, and she thought she was watching a third world nation overthrow tyranny, not Americans at the United States Capitol. She fears that other nations now view America as vulnerable, with a greater risk of confrontation from foreign nations. On a more comforting note, she said, “Hearing speeches from republicans such a Mitt Romney condemning the president and the events that occurred was oddly comforting. He decided to not defend a president from his own party and defended the morals of this country.” Hannah thinks that if anything could’ve occurred differently, she wishes the protests were treated the same as the Black Lives Matter protests were. She wishes there was original police presence at this protest, like there was at the BLM protests.

Senior, Shayla L., first thought that the Capitol Breach was incredibly silly. She said, “Trump supporters committed multiple crimes so that they could attempt to keep the businessman that was in office as the President. They were rioting over a “stolen election” of which there is no proof.” She wants to remind everyone that the election was lawful and proven to be lawful by many officials. Trump is broadcasting a message of lies to the American people. She also said, “These people claim that Trump not being president is un-American, but really, the most un-American act in play right now is Trump and his supporters threatening democracy. So, when I saw the Capitol breach I was shocked by the rioter’s conscious decision to breach the Capitol in the false name of patriotism.”

Another student said she was also very surprised when she turned on the news. She stated, “I felt taken back and confused. I think this will cause even more division between Republicans and Democrats in the future. I hope that after this our country can come together as one.” She is very alarmed by the lack of security and that protesters found a way into such an important building and emblem of our nation. She is shocked and alarmed that this event was able to take place. “I think it was a viscous attack to undermine our democracy that we have worked so hard to build. I hope that we can learn from this,” said another junior. She believed security was obviously lacking, and if this had been a Black Lives Matter protest, officials would’ve been on high alert. She hopes that in the future we can elect leaders that use better rhetoric and are less stubborn.

As a nation, we are pushing through a tough time in history. Although it may be scary, it is important to acknowledge the problems in our nation, so we can attempt to solve them. Remember to talk to peers, teachers, and family about recent events to help understand them.

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