Coming Back to School

By Alli Brooks

After approximately two months of all virtual learning and time off for Christmas break, Assumption students are back in school with the hybrid schedule. The students and teachers are already acquainted with the schedule and walking down the one-way halls you can see smiling faces under everyone’s masks.

The first week back in the building started off with loads of energy. When the seniors entered the building, they were given paper 2021 crowns to wear throughout the day. While walking down the second-floor hallway, by the office, Mrs. Tedesco was standing outside with a pink microphone playing music for everyone to enjoy as they passed her by.

Some members of the community that were all virtual last semester are now back in the building. Teachers such as Ms. Adkins and Mrs. Stovall are included in that group. When talking to Mrs. Stovall, she seemed excited to be back as she mentioned that she was looking forward to in-person chats with friends. I was able to talk to her last semester about how teaching from home was going and I was lucky to get her perspective on the being back in school with the hybrid model and precautions as well.

With being back in the building comes some specific rules to get used to once again. Everyone in person is back in their masks all day long (including during lunch) and the shortened all virtual schedule has been stretched back out to fit a full day of in person classes. No more nine AM start time, now students need to be in the building by 8:25 AM, at the latest, or log in to class by 8:30 AM if they attend virtually.
Most students are still very excited to be back due to the many things to look forward to. When asked her opinion on being back to in person school again, Senior Sarah Sheffer said, “I’m not excited to wake up early, but I am excited to see my classmates and teachers in person again.” Many other students share the same thought as Sheffer.

Other things to look forward to for students have been the clubs and sports starting back up for the winter and spring seasons. Basketball has been having practices and games once again. There have been open fields for lacrosse and other sports. The spring musical, “Working”, has begun starting with the audition process.

Another huge part to being back in person is that the construction on the school is coming along quickly. The connector from the old building to the CAC is open once again. Students no longer need to walk outside to get from building to building. Only the first floor of the connector is open so far, but the rest is soon to come. For now, the connector is the only two-way hallway in the school. There are plastic sheets hanging down from the middle of the ceiling to keep the traffic from ever colliding and to keep everyone separated as much as possible to prevent any risk of COVID-19 spreading in the school.

Overall, the community of Assumption is getting back into the new normal swing of things. Check back to the rocket launch for more articles to come about the spring semester!

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