Update on COVID

By Julia Elder

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! COVID-19 Cases are declining after the holiday peak. The holiday peak was caused due to many people traveling and visiting family and friends over the holidays. Although, recently after the holidays, cases have taken a decline. The cases are down by 16%. There is also a 10% decrease in deaths globally. However, there is a new strain of the Coronavirus. This mutant popped up in the United Kingdom and has already made its way to 82 countries. There is a possibility that this strain may be more contagious. Cumulatively there have been 480,00 deaths in the United States.

President Biden is hopeful that all Americans will have vaccines by July. There have been obstacles with distributing these vaccines, but there is hope.  Locally in Louisville, health care workers have received their second does of the vaccine. Teacher’s have also started the process of receiving their second vaccine. The Gaza strip has just received their first shipment of the vaccine. There was an issue with Israel blocking their shipment.

Additionally, double-masking is now recommended. The purpose of masks is to prevent the spread, and with new variants and cases, 3-layer masks or double masking can be very beneficial. The CDC are urging people to either wear masks that properly fit, insert filters in masks, or double mask. These methods will help stop and slow the spreading of Covid-19.


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