Mission Week 2021

By Courtney Williams

Mission Week is a tradition that has been around at Assumption for quite some time. While we haven’t been able to experience many things that Assumption has to offer during this pandemic filled school year, mission week is still happening. Several faculty and staff members and even students have worked really hard on planning mission week, so students can have the best experience possible. Here is what you can look forward to during the 2021 Assumption Mission Week!

Monday kicks off Mission Week with school wide activities. All students will listen to Keynote speakers and participate in the GooseChase app activities. Freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will be participating virtually, and the juniors will be able to join in person!

Freshman Mission Week Agenda:

  • Tuesday (virtual): Look forward to listening to several different speakers on the topics of what mission week is about and being kind.
  • Wednesday (in person): They will start their day off by listening in on a session about the community of Assumption’s culture. They will then do a small retreat session. After that, they will be delighted to listen to the Angie Fenton talk, in the gym. They will finish their day off by planning their projects!
  • Thursday (in person): Most of Thursday, freshman will be allowed to work on their group projects. They will then get to present their small group projects with their entire class, to wrap up mission week.

Sophomore Mission Week Agenda:

  • Tuesday (in person): Sophomores will gather in the gym for a kick off assembly. They will then listen to the heart touching story of Mary Byron. They will then do the Power of Perception Activity. Following lunch, sophomores will listen to the advocacy talk. Finishing their second day of mission week out sophomores will participate in the Leadership Activity!
  • Wednesday (virtual): They will start by having the eye-opening experience of the sophomore Crossroads retreat. After retreat, sophomores will listen to a refugee speaker, do a refugee activity, & fill out a bingo card. After all of that, the blue cohort will do their virtual tutoring session while the maroon cohort creates their lesson plans.
  • Thursday (virtual): Sophomores will start their last day of mission week off by completing an escape room activity. They will then do a trivia competition and complete a bingo card. Wrapping up, the maroon cohort will do there virtual tutoring session, while the blue cohort plans their lessons.

Junior Mission Week Agenda:

  • Tuesday (virtual): They will listen to some new keynote speakers. These speakers will touch on the topic of college and the college application process.
  • Wednesday & Thursday: Juniors are asked to complete one job shadow and one college visit during these days.

Senior Mission Week Agenda:

  • Seniors are allowed to partake in many different options during mission week. They can choose to go on senior retreat, lead freshman mission week, or do the ARISE program.
  • Seniors in the ARISE program will be in person Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Seniors leading freshman will be in person Wednesday and Thursday
  • Seniors on retreat will become a rose!

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