The Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

By Riley Stull

*Information from CNN and NBCNews*

One shot instead of two? Sounds a lot better to anyone you ask. However, this is a take what you get and don’t throw a fit world. Doctors everywhere are saying to just sign up for whatever you can when it’s your turn. So what is this one shot vaccine? On ___, the FDA approved a third vaccine for distribution in the U.S., the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. In trials, this vaccine had a much lower level of effectiveness than the Pfizer and Moderna which has made this vaccine seem second-tier. However, medical experts are saying that this vaccine is actually working faster than the others. While other vaccines are taking five or more weeks to begin working, the Johnson and Johnson vaccine only takes two weeks.

The differing levels of efficacy may scare some people, but medical experts are stressing that all vaccines prevent against severe illness and death. The efficacy levels apply to contraction and moderate illness. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine uses different technology than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, making it much easier to ship and store. Moderna and Pfizer were both very difficult to distribute initially due to the extremely cold temperatures and fragile handling needed for all vials. Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine simply has to be refrigerated and can be stored for up to three months. Image: SAFRICA-HEALTH-VIRUS-VACCINE

Shots from this vaccine could be given as early as Tuesday according to the Biden Administration. Johnson and Johnson plans to have 4 million doses out by the end of this week. However, after this week the deliveries will be less consistent as Johnson and Johnson increases production. This vaccine is only for 18 and older for the moment.

The goal for all three vaccines is herd immunity, or overall immunity that slows the virus. The added production of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine will only add to the efforts of slowing the coronavirus and its variants. Moral of the story is get the vaccine if you can!


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