Freshman Student Spotlight

By Riley Stull

Continuing the student spotlight pieces, Hannah Wilkerson was picked out of the class of 2024 to be the next student spotlighted. Hannah went to grade and middle school at Saint Mary Academy before choosing Assumption. When asked why she chose AHS, Hannah said, “When I shadowed in seventh grade I felt so welcomed and I always described the community as a big hug.” Now as a part of this community, Hannah’s favorite class so far is Algebra, but she says that her favorite teacher is Ms. Hughbanks, who teaches English. When she first shadowed AHS, Hannah said that she loved how “the teachers seemed like they wanted the best for their students and truly cared about them outside of what was happening at school.”

During a rapid-fire interview on the car ride home from school, Hannah said that her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is alfredo. Outside of school, Hannah runs on both the track and cross country team at AHS. During her free time, Hannah, as well as many other AHS girls, likes to binge watch Youtube and Netflix.

Hannah unfortunately started her first year at Assumption during the pandemic, which drastically changed what high school at AHS looks like. When asked about her favorite Assumption tradition, Hannah stated “I don’t know many of the traditions at AHS because I haven’t gotten to experience a lot of them due to COVID-19, but my favorite so far is mission week because I got to be a part of that.” Hannah also stated that in the future, past the days of cohorts and social distancing, she looks forward to doing bleacher dances and going to Pink and White games. Hannah’s positive outlook and hope for the future is a great example for not just freshman students, but all AHS students during these difficulty and challenging times. The community of AHS hopes that Hannah, as well as the rest of the AHS students, will be able to once again experience these well beloved traditions soon.

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