Spring Into Service

By Erin Lewantowicz

It has been over a year of adjusting and adapting schedules, schools, and lifestyles to live through the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this, people have still found ways to help their communities through random acts of kindness and service performed in a safe, socially distanced way. Here are a few ideas of service if you want to get involved in helping your community!

  • Picking up trash
    • This is a super easy and crucial for the Earth. So many people litter all over Louisville, especially in our parks. Bring a friend or go by yourself to a nearby park, listen to some music, and go around with a trash bag and pick up what you see. Make sure to wear gloves! This will help our environment to make it a cleaner and healthier place.
  • Writing letters
    • Writing letters and making cards to send to nursing homes or hospitals can be a super fun way to do service. They can be a pen-pal letters or a card celebrating a holiday. There are tons of online resources for this as well!
  • Volunteer as a coach or counselor
    • Now that we are moving into Spring and Summer, many sports are outside! You can volunteer to be an assistant coach for a local team, or you could serve as a camp counselor in the summer!
  • Ask your church and other community organizations for ways to help
    • If you ask any local church or organization, they will find a way that they could use your help. Go on their website or call their office to find ways to serve in your community!
  • Look at local non-profit organizations
    • A great way to perform service is to find a group that you are passionate about helping, and then find a non-profit organization that works to help this group. They are likely to have a volunteer coordinator that plans different service projects. For example, I volunteer at the Americana Community Center, and I get updates whenever they have a project for their volunteers to be a part of!
  • Mow someone’s lawn
    • A lot of people think service has to be a big thing, but it can be anything you do not get paid for. You can volunteer to mow your neighbor’s lawn and gain service for this act of kindness.
  • Buy your neighbors’ groceries
    • Going and buying groceries can be super helpful, especially if you have older neighbors or if you know they are always busy!
  • Babysit
    • This is another activity that, as long as you do it for free, you can get tons of service hours for. If you love being with kids, then definitely suggest find a family that you can help babysit from time to time.

I hope this gave you a few new ideas of service; Have fun helping your community!

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