College Prep Ideas

By Riley Stull

*Article written by student attending UK in the fall (own bedroom and shared bathroom with one other person)*

Seniors, we are getting closer and closer to the end of our time at 2170 Tyler Lane. As we near the end, let’s start talking about college. Dorm shopping can get expensive if not done the right way. So start now! Start watching for sales now so you aren’t spending tons later to get what’s left over.


Other than whatever toiletries you usually like to have, the bathroom needs a lot more than you’d think it does. You’ll need both a rug for your shower and your sink, a shower curtain and liner, and bath towels. Those necessities are sold at a variety of places, but good quality items are worth the money in this case. As for the wants, organization and decor are next on the list. The walls will be a boring white/cream, so some fun decor pieces will be great to spice it up. Organization for under the sink and outside the shower will also be great to have. If you plan on taking all 5 of your hot tools and all of your makeup to college, then you’ll definitely need a way to keep it all semi-organized. Target always has tons of helpful bins and drawers.


Whatever you want really is best here. Obviously a blanket, sheets, a comforter, and a pillow would be necessary, but the rest is up to you. Many dorms have lots of pictures and a comfier vibe. Your bedroom is your space, really the only non-shared space in college. So make it home for you!


That meal plan is going to get gross really fast. A good way to avoid getting sick of cafeteria cooking is to bring what you can to make your own. Recently, lots of companies have been coming out with many microwaveable breakfasts that don’t look half bad. In addition to those, most dorms allow toasters, microwaves, and even Air Fryers. With these three things and Pinterest, there’s plenty of meals out there that you can get creative with and make them in your dorm room.

That’s all for this post! College is coming up, and it’s always better to come prepared than to be stressed last minute. Good luck searching for sales!

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