Family Points Competition

By Lily Bickel

This year’s family points competition has certainly had its ups and downs, but Assumption always preservers. The totals for each family are higher than usual this year, and Mrs. Steutermann says this is due to the Goosechase activities over Mission Week back in February, which were worth so many points. As we all know, Canstruction is always a big part of our Family Points Competition too. Once students bring in canned goods to donate to Dare to Care facilities and the cans are all counted, each homeroom gets together and builds a sculpture out of the cans and the judges pick the best one. Each family has a different theme, and each homeroom within that family makes their statue based on that theme.

The next big activity for family points is Compassion Connections, which took place March 8th– 19th. Each person who donates to their family’s agency in any way gets 20 points. The top three families with most people participating get big bonuses. For first place they get 5,000 points. For second place they get 2,500 points. Finally, for third they get 1,000 points. Students could have donated in any way, for example, they could have brought something in, purchased something from Amazon, or gave cash via Venmo.

Of course another big opportunity for points is Family Olympics. According to Mrs. Steutermann, Family Council does not know what is involved for it yet, but it will have some big opportunities. If you take a look at the graph, you can see the family points standings and who is in the top three spots. In the lead we have Cork with a total of 46, 577 points. Way to go Cork! In second, we have Birr with 45, 257 points. And, in third we have Booterstown with 36, 843 points. Due to Covid- 19, Assumption has not been able to perform all the family point activities the way things would normally run. However, AHS will always remain the same fun and inspiring place it always has been.

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