March Madness Championship

By Mayzie Karem

Starting with 68 teams in the March Madness bracket, it finally came down to the two finalists. The final game came down to Baylor vs Gonzaga in the basketball championship. In the semi- finals, Baylor faced the Houston Cougars to a well-deserved win of 78-59. While on the other side, Gonzaga pulled through leading down to the very last second. Jalen Suggs playing for Gonzaga ended the game with a 3-pointer buzzer winning shot leading them to the championship. Gonzaga having an undefeated season, was hopeful for the win. The championship game was played on Monday, April 5th with the two winning teams.

Baylor started the game strong getting ahead of Gonzaga in the first quarter. Sticking with the lead, Gonzaga trailed behind the whole game. Gonzaga made it to the third quarter only trailing by about 10 points, but soon lost it by getting caught in Baylor’s defense. Everyone watching the march madness championship agrees on one thing- Baylor out-played Gonzaga. Unfortunately for Gonzaga it ended with a loss, yet it led Baylor to a celebration of winning the march madness championship. The end of the game scored 86 Baylor- 70 Gonzaga. Although both teams played a great fight earning their way to the championship, only one team could come out a winner. Baylor took the win, fighting hard to get their spot at the top and their championship trophy

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