Walk Theme Reveal

By Natalie Koch

Hello, Assumption! It was revealed to us last week that our walk theme this year is “A Walk Down Memory Lane!” The walk is to occur on Thursday, April 29th in place of the school day. If you sold at least three of your raffle tickets last semester, you are eligible to attend the walk! However, you must turn in your permission slip by Friday, April 21st so that you’re able to go. With turning your permission slip in, you will get a free walk t-shirt that will be designed by whoever wins the t-shirt design competition! The shirt will be in your class color, which is green for freshmen, blue for sophomores, yellow for juniors, and pink for seniors. You are allowed to wear your walk shirt on the walk on the DATE, but you are also permitted to wear a costume of your liking that goes along with the theme and that falls within your class color! There are so many options with this theme of a “Walk Down Memory Lane,” for instance, childhood toys, old television shows, or any piece of your memory that you might feel nostalgic for.

The walk should last for a few hours as the classes walk around the neighborhoods behind Assumption. It will most likely be very hot outside, so be prepared for that in how you dress! Plan to also bring a water bottle to avoid the excess use of plastic during the walk itself. Make sure to get your permission slips in soon, though, so that you are sure to go! It’s a great school tradition that is cherished and loved, which hopefully won’t change too much due to social distancing and masks. We are so excited to “walk down memory lane” with you, Assumption!

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