Advice from the Class of 2021

By Julia Elder

Seniors are finishing up their last few days at Assumption, and they wanted to share their advice for the underclass women. Take some time to read pieces of advice from the seniors who have been through 4 years at Assumption. They have some great wisdom to leave the underclass women of Assumption with.


“Don’t wait until senior year to try to learn everyone’s names and talk to new people!”  Lizzy Schuler ’21

“Make the most of the four years, you have so many opportunities to meet new people and learn something new.”

“Take advantage of all the resources Assumption has to offer.”

“Enjoy every single moment you have at Assumption, these will be some of the best four years of your life.” Marcella De Leon Vasquez ‘21

“You can be anyone you want at Assumption, you don’t have to stay your middle school self.” Sarah Sheffer ‘21

“Forget about what others think and just have a good time because you don’t have forever.”

“Do your homework and really take the time to know your sisters.” Emily Curtis ’21

“Make friends with people in classes you wouldn’t hang out with normally 🙂 it makes it more fun!” Jane Luckett ’21

Seniors have been through 4 years at Assumption. There is a lot to take from these seniors who have experienced the same things as you. With that being said, put yourself out there and make the most of your years here at Assumption. There are endless resources and opportunities to take advantage of!

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