Nail Art Ideas

By Alli Brooks

Getting a manicure is a self-care activity that many people invest in around the world. Various nail art designs are trending on social media, and it can be hard to decide on just one! Pinterest, VSCO, and Instagram can have some great designs, but sometimes you don’t have time to search. So, here are some nail design trends that might spark interest for the spring and summer.

  1. Swirly lines and squiggles on nails. This is a simplistic design that can be altered to fit anyone’s style. The colors can be bright, neutral or create a color blocking effect with something like a blue base and orange squiggles.
  2. Thick French nails. This classic look is spiced up with a thicker amount of polish at the tip of the nail. A popular trend right now is adding color to the tips versus just keeping them white. Whether its one continuous color or different colors on every finger, this design is perfect for spring and summer. Angular French nails are also in and require minimal work.
  3. Nothing is wrong with keeping it simple and just doing a single color with no design. Pastels and bright colors are in style right now. It’s cute to keep every nail the same color or have alternating nails.
  4. Small or minimal nail design is in. Butterflies and small flowers can be groovy and perfect for any flower child who wants to get their nails done, or Yin and Yang could be a good vibe!
  5. Color stripes on each nail. This design is funky and colorful. You can choose any colors you want and like other ideas, they can be the same on each nail or switch it up.

Whether someone is going to get their nails done or doing them at home, these fun nail designs are worth a try and are sure to be something interesting to do.


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