Healthy Recipes to Start off the New Year

By: Meg Ralston

              With the new year starting, why not start it off eating healthy? There are many fun and easy recipes one can make. Whether it is desserts or easy snacks, delicious and easy snacks that make one feel good after eating are the best!

Here are two super easy recipes to start off the new year!!

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars:


  • Oats (1 cup)
  • Peanut butter (1/2 a cup)
  • Honey (1/2 a cup)
  • Cinnamon (1 tablespoon)
  • Dark chocolate (1/4 a cup)


  1. Put oats, peanut butter, honey, and cinnamon together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Mix the ingredients together
  3. Pour the mix into a baking pan
  4. Drizzle the chocolate on the bars
  5. Place the bars into the refrigerator for about 30 mins.
  • And ENJOY!

**If wanting to store you can keep it in your fridge or freezer for months!**

“Ants on A Log”


  • Peanut butter
  • Celery
  • Raisins



  1. Cut the celery into small pieces
  2. Put peanut butter on celery
  3. Place the raisins on the peanut butter
  4. ENJOY!!

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