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How to Not Forget Your Friends Over the Summer

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist May 22, 2023

With 3 months of summer ahead of us, this extraneous amount of time may be daunting for you and your acquaintances. However, we here at the Rocket Launch have science-backed data to help prevent this.   ...

20 Movies that Pass the Bechdel Test

20 Movies that Pass the Bechdel Test

Erin Hynes March 27, 2023

Women in film have progressed in the past 135 years of film making. Going from nameless side roles to becoming empowering protagonists, women have taken on leading roles in the big screen. The Bechdel...

5 Fun Saint Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist March 15, 2023

March 17th, also known as Saint Patrick’s Day, is a holiday celebrated by numerous Americans and Irish alike, to commemorate the titular Saint Patrick, the epic snake fighting saint. But how much do...

28 Movies to celebrate Black History Month

Erin Hynes February 25, 2023

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate and recognize achievements of African Americans as well as educate us on Black history. While a simple act, watching movies with Black actors, or Black...

The Fascinating History of the Importance of the Turkey in the United States

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist December 30, 2022

The turkey is the most noble bird in America. One could argue that the bald eagle is the most influential bird to the United States, but even Benjamin Franklin agreed that the turkey should have been the...

The Best Way to Keep your Friends Over Christmas Break

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist December 24, 2022

The holiday season is approaching, but friendship, which can already be a challenge, may be quite the seasonal stressor! However, maintaining high quality friendships during the holidays is as simple as...

The St. Louis City Museum is built inside a repurposed shoe factory located Downtown.

The Method Behind the Mayhem

Erin Hynes November 11, 2022

Located approximately four hours away from Assumption High School is the St. Louis City Museum. Since its opening in 1997, the St. Louis City Museum has welcomed curious adventurers to explore 600,000...

Why Humans Should Evolve to Live in the Ohio River

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist October 19, 2022

The Ohio River. A staple of Louisville’s primitive trade market, the Ohio River’s impact on Louisville today is prodigious. But what if we evolved to live IN it?  The advantages of living in the...

Blue Raspberry, The Fruit Mutant Turned Pop Culture Icon

Stelle Bensenhaver, Satire Columnist September 26, 2022

Blue Raspberry. Can any other two words describe a more all-American, summer type, faux fruit flavor? Since taking the world by storm in 1958, blue raspberry has cemented itself as an icon in the ICEE...

Activities to do in Louisville during the Spring time

Activities to do in Louisville during the Spring time

April 13, 2022

By: Avery Dobozi Spring has sprung in Louisville! What better way to celebrate this season with some fun outdoors activities to enjoy with both friends and family? Here is a list of some fun, outdoor...

A Galentines Guide

A Galentine’s Guide

February 14, 2022

Galentine’s Day, a Valentine’s dedicated to you and your gals. Valentine’s Day overshadows Galentine’s every year, so take this winter break to commemorate this often-forgotten holiday. Here is...

Must See Movies in 2022

Must See Movies in 2022

January 24, 2022

2022 has arrived and with it there are several new movies and shows being released this year. Whether you are a fan of action, comedy, or animation, there is a new movie being released this year for you....

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