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Heard in the Halls

Heard in the Halls: Spring Break Edition // Sara Magers ’17 & Sara Bruner ’17

We were talking about the prison system and then all of the sudden I see this huge bird coming straight at me!

I’m so glad that was just a burp.



Heard in the Halls: February 2017 // McKenzie Riggs ’17

Gosh, I love taking selfies.

I think that breastmilk is vegan…

*eating* I don’t even know when I got this food.

Student 1: “I heard we have to run the mile today in PE” Student 2: “I can’t my ankle has the flu…”

You don’t pee in the shower?! That’s what I look forward to!!

I like paper napkins…

I just love N’Sync

When was the last time I washed this skirt?

I was so excited to have clam chowder for lunch! But when I got there, there wasn’t any clam chowder! Flik lied!


Heard in the Halls: September 2016 // McKenzie Riggs ’17

I might be a piece of trash, but I’m a nice piece of trash.

Is the water from the fountain the same water in the toilet?

Be sure to invite the boy because I’m going to have freshly plucked eyebrows.

I mean if I could be any bird, I would definitely be a vulture.

Mr. Brown: “Come up here and ask your questions, tell me your sad stories…

Student, under their breath: “I have a sad story for you. It’s called ‘My Life’.

Look at this giant erupting volcano on my forehead.

This is Assumption Hug School.

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