Frozen Review

By: Elizabeth Truscott

Disney’s latest movie, Frozen, has made quite a splash with many of its viewers, young and old. It took over the week end box office, pushing past Catching Fire to grab the number one spot in the box office.

The thrilling and touching tale of the princess Anna as she tries to bring her sister, Queen Elsa, back after she had set off an eternal winter on accident. The story is chock full of a wonderfully thrilling plot, with plenty of comedy and romance thrown in.

Princess Anna is one of the most relatable Disney princesses I have seen in a long time. She gets nervous at the thought of possibly finding love and she acts like a nervous teenager would. She stumbles over her words, is clumsy, and is in no way perfect like most Disney princesses seem to be.

The acting was great, and the graphics were wonderful. However what made me love this movie the most was the music. It was like nothing I ever thought I would get from a Disney movie, and it was so well done, one even made me cry.

Frozen was a fantastic movie that I want to see again and again! With the weather as it is, cold and snowy, I cannot think of a more perfect movie to go see.Snowman