Comfy Cow finds a new location in Louisville

Robbin Thompson

With great service and excellent ice cream flavors, the new Comfy Cow located on Bardstown Road has been a huge hit. The big opening was on Wednesday, April 30.

Paige Krill, employee, stated “It has been the most successful Comfy Cow yet.”

With flavors from black raspberry chip to something as simple as chocolate or vanilla, Comfy Cow has a wide variety of tasty ice cream.

Not only do they have many flavors of ice cream, they also have different treats, such as Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas and signature pies. Getting a good amount of sweets for the right price is something Comfy Cow has to offer.

Friendly employees are there to make people have a fun and delicious experience. Comfy Cow also offers nationwide shipping when you visit their website.

After visiting the new Comfy Cow I was impressed with pretty much everything they had to give. If I had one complaint to offer it was that it is a little crowded inside.

Comfy Cow Online- Robbin Thompson