Abbey Road celebrates the legendary music

Lauren Monaghan


This past Memorial weekend, fans from around the country gathered on the river at the Galt House and Belvedere to celebrate the music of the Beatles. Abbey Road on the River (AROTR) is a five-day festival that has been held in Louisville since 2005.

The festival features a multitude of tribute bands. Many bands look and act exactly like the Beatles such as having a “Paul McCartney” member who can play bass with his left hand just like the real Paul. Bands such as Brit Beat, The Return, The Juke Box, and Hard Day’s Night mimic the real Beatles in all ways.

Other bands just play the music of the Beatles. While the festival mostly focuses on the legendary band, other classic rock bands of that era are also featured. However, bands preforming other artists must include some Beatles songs.

This year’s feature headliner was the feel-good California band, The Beach Boys. Past headliners such as The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil focused on covering The Beatles solely, but this year was different with the addition of The Beach Boys.

AROTR was started in Cleveland, but has since moved to Louisville and Washington D.C. AROTR will take place in the nation’s capital Labor Day weekend, also lasting five days.

Abbey Road photo