The Fault in our Stars is faultless


Kennedy Frantz

The Fault in our Stars is a New York Times bestseller written by John Green.

The story is about a teenage girl, Hazel Grace Lancaster, who has lived longer than expected due to a tumor-shrinking medical miracle. She attends a support group for cancer patients a few times, something she hates, but one meeting she meets a teenage boy, Augustus Waters, who has a type of cancer which caused him to lose his leg when he was diagnosed.

Hazel and Augustus quickly become friends through the help of a mutual friend, Isaac, which Hazel never really talked to but had non-verbal conversations with. Augustus and Hazel spend a lot of time together bonding over the metaphors of life.

As the story continues, the two teenagers become closer and eventually fall in love and take a trip to Amsterdam to meet a famous author that has gone off the charts. Go to your local book store to buy the book and find out how it unfolds! Also on June 6 you can catch the movie in theatres!

the fault in our stars book review - kennedy