Parachute is headlining back in Louisville

Parachute will be coming to the Mercury Ballroom September 20th.   Tickets are being sold online at

The band members include Will Anderson with lead vocals, Kit French on keyboard, Alex Hargrave on bass, Johnny Stubblefield with drums, and Nate McFarland on lead guitar.  French also stars with the saxophone in some songs.

Parachute debuted in 2009 with their album Losing Sleep, with their single, “She is Love,” was included in the Top 15.  In 2011 The Way it Was featured their song co-written with Lady Antebellum, “Kiss Me Slowly,” and another Top 15 song, “Something to Believe In.”

Parachute performed in Louisville earlier this year in March, being an opener for Gavin Degraw at the Brown Theatre. I attended this concert and was impressed with Parachute’s performance.  I recognized the name but I did not know a lot of their music.  I did recognize their big hits such as, “Something to Believe In,” and, “She is Love.”  The performance was very energetic and dynamic.   They had some great slower songs, but when the beat picked up the energy was contagious.  I have high expectations for their performance on September 20th.