Gwen Stefani’s new single doesn’t lie


Gwen Stefani’s new single “Baby Don’t Lie: is a techno love song that incorporates some of her older genre of music. With an upbeat sound, “Baby Don’t Lie” captivates the listeners who are interested in a type of dubstep mix.

In the song, Stefani tells her love that she can see he is falling out of love with her and that he needs to “love her stronger” if things are going to work. The name of the song comes in when she tells him “baby don’t lie,” referring to him not loving her anymore. Once the song gets to the bridge, the techno sound almost fades away and Stefani’s old style is brought back. If you are a die-hard Stefani fan, you might be disappointed with the new sound of this single, since it strays away from her old music.

Stefani’s new single is available on YouTube, as well as iTunes, where it is on sale for $1.29. Also, check out another new song by Stefani called “Spark the Fire.”

Article by: Kenzie Maloney