Rixton soars to success in the US


Rixton is a band hailing from England and recently made their music debut in the states. The band started in 2013, only playing in other various small bands or gigs. In the next year, they found themselves together opening for big pop stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

Members of the band include Jake Roche, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Charley Bagnall, lead guitarist and vocalist. Danny Wilkin is the bassist, keyboardist and vocalist, while the drummer and vocalist is Lewi Morgan. The band adds a lot of originality to their music, using their creativity to write lyrics and different ways to use their instruments.

“We knew what we wanted – huge pop songs with soul,” Roche says about the band’s vibe and sound.

“Me and My Broken Heart” has been one of their most popular songs in the United States, playing on radios everywhere for weeks. This song was definitely something I would jam and sing to in my car. Rixton does not have just upbeat songs, but their song “Hotel Ceiling,” has a pretty, slow beat, and still very easy to listen to.

Rixton also does a variety of covers by artists such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and PSY. They continue to widen their audiences, coming out with new covers and entertaining music videos. Their video for “Make Out” includes the members of the band spoofing celebrities. Roche impersonates Miley Cyrus by swinging on a wrecking ball, Wilkin spins around in a bathtub mocking Rihanna, and many other celebrity parodies.

Article by: Clea Grubb