Pretty Little Liars Recap 3


We finally got an –A shot! Okay, I guess that disproves my Alison theory, but it certainly brings up other ones.

Let’s just get this out of the way. Talia is annoying and I’m fairly sure she was hitting on Emily and Ezra simultaneously. She nags the entire episode about Emily’s shirt, where Emily keeps the cleaning supplies, how they should have a uniform etc. With that said, no more speaking of Talia throughout the rest of this.

First off, Emily is clearly having trouble letting go of Paige, and with good reason. She still wears a shirt Paige gave her and is even finding it hard to mail back some of Paige’s swim goggles she found. After an inspirational talk from the woman whose name I will not be mentioning, Emily decides to take the shirt Paige gave her and stick it in an envelope with the rest of Paige’s stuff. Is Paily done forever? No, because ships never die on this show until someone actually dies.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Caleb are trying to track down Mona’s body. This gets a lot easier when all the girls receive a text from none other than…Mona (cue menacing music). Well it’s not actually from Mona, obviously, but it’s a sort of signal that went to each of the Liar’s phones whenever Mona’s laptop was cracked into. The text includes the coordinates of the laptop’s location- a semi-sketchy storage facility.

So Spencer and Caleb set out to find the storage unit, but once they arrive, Caleb discovers there’s a padlock on the door even he can’t pick. Then, just as would only happen in Rosewood, one of Spencer’s old teachers happens to be storage room neighbors. She asks her teacher if she knows who owns the next unit. Her teacher says it’s a blonde girl, whose face she never got to see. She then tells Spencer that there was a horrible stench coming from the unit and she was going to talk to the owner about it, but that it eventually went away. Could it be Mona’s body? Probably. But who knows? Maybe it’s Holbrook. THAT would be a twist.

So Caleb breaks the lock on the teacher’s unit and Spaleb sneak through the air ducts into the unit that possible contains Mona’s decomposing corpse. Once they get inside, they discover everything is perfectly neat. Much like an evidence locker at a police station. There are clothes soaked in blood that have been stored in airtight bags, Mona’s laptop, and a rather large barrel that Caleb deems full after knocking on it. The two determine that Holbrook is building up all of this evidence to use in a case against the Liars. Spencer looks at the chemicals near the barrel and says that if they’re mixed correctly, they can be a sort of formaldehyde to preserve a specimen. But if mixed incorrectly, they can liquefy the specimen. To which the always charming Caleb replies “So she’s either being pickled or dissolved?” And I have to say, that’s my favorite line of the episode. But just as Spencer is about to open the barrel, the lights go out as does the scene. The next time we see Spaleb, they’re at Caleb’s apartment. So…I guess they just left the barrel and didn’t attempt to look inside.

Throughout all of this, Aria is receiving texts from “-H” who we assume is Holbrook. One of the texts asks her to meet him at what seems to be the only restaurant in all of Rosewood, The Applewood Grille. Eventually, Jason walks up and asks if she wants to eat with him and talk about Ali. So, despite the fact that she’s supposed to meet someone else, she eats with him anyway. But hey, it’s a Jaria scene which are few and far between so let’s enjoy it while we can.

Prior to this, Aria discovered her whole “I squandered my high school years by dating an older man” college essay printed out on her receipt from The Brew. She keeps trying to tell Ezra about the letter but he’s too busy with his contractor and business situations. And I’m sorry to say that it seems Ezra will probably find the essay soon and dear, sweet Ezria will be on the rocks just like Spoby.

Speaking of Spoby, the dream team have a pretty epic fight. In my opinion, worse than last week’s fight. While playing Scrabble (aww classic Spoby), Spencer gets a text from Caleb regarding the events from earlier that day. He asks for an explanation to which Spencer replies that he told her not to tell him anything else. And when typically sweet, puppy dog Toby bears his teeth and commands Spencer not to do anything more with this murder weapon business, our wonderful feminist Spencer who doesn’t need any man replies “Okay, Officer” in that snarky Hastings tone that we all love. Toby sobers up and storms out of her house.

But back to Aria. After her lunch with Jason, Aria gets another “-H” text with an address of where to meet him. It ends up being a flower shop. After waiting a while, a woman comes out of the shop, hands Aria a bouquet of roses, and tells her the address of the person who sent them. Aria recognizes the address as Hanna’s house, and goes directly over there to find out what’s going on. When they read the card, they find out the roses are from Jason to Hanna’s mom *gasp*. Truthfully, I have no clue what any of this means so I’m just going to move on. If you understand this, comment below explaining it.

So speaking of Hanna, she and her mom were in the middle of a very important dinner when Aria busted in. Earlier that day Pastor Ted had a talk with Hanna. Hanna thought he found out about Ms. Marin and Jason and wanted to ask her about it. In reality, Ted wanted to ask Hanna’s permission to pop the question to her mom. (OMG OMG OMG). But when Ted proposes, Ashley (Ms. Marin) tells him she needs a minute. After Ted leaves, Ashley tells Hanna that she needs to confess to Ted about her affair.

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE EPISODE: The –A shot. So for our first glimpse into what –A is up to this season is pretty revealing if you know what to look for. You may remember way back when Ms. Marin worked at the bank that she stole from. There was one time when she was at work that Detective Tanner visited her and took a butterscotch. What does –A take when she goes into Holbrook’s office? A butterscotch! And she knows exactly where they are in his desk. She also knows the password to his computer- which, for some reason, I really want to know! Okay, the point is that Tanner would know Holbrook pretty well. Well enough to know his password (or at least guess it) and well enough to know where he keeps his butterscotches.

If you have another idea of who –A is or strongly oppose the Det. Tanner theory, leave a comment below!

Article by Victoria Shircliffe