Pretty Little Liars Recap 5


So it wasn’t Holbrook in the barrel…darn. Well in true PLL fashion I guess we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to find out if Mona’s in there or not.

To start things off, one of Mona’s friend’s, Lesli, comes to Rosewood to see the Liars. And FINALLY for once in their lives the Liars are wary of someone they’ve never met claiming to be a friend of a friend (i.e Nate and Cee Cee). They don’t completely trust Lesli, which in my mind means she’s probably to be trusted. The reverse psychology on this show is astonishing. They never tell you want they want you to think. They give you shady Lesli and then reveal in 5 episodes that she really is Mona’s friend probably after she dies tragically.

For those of you who didn’t pick up on this, Mona did actually have a friend named Lesli whom she spoke to the night before she died. When Mona’s mother leaves for Thanksgiving, she tells Mona that Lesli is going to be there. Mona gets excited and says that she just spoke to Lesli last night and she didn’t mention it. That’s when Mona’s mom drives off and –A breaks into the house and kills Mona.

And if you can believe it, the ships are in even rougher waters than last time. Aria didn’t even know Ezra left town, Emily has moved on to Talia, and Spoby, to quote Spencer is “some distance removed from okay”. The only ship who’s sailing relatively smooth seas is Haleb, and they’re both currently being questioned about the storage unit. However, Caleb is studying up in his spare time so he can keep up with Hanna’s smarts. He says that Hanna keeps surprising him with her intelligence. I find that vaguely similar. It’s almost the same as Mona. We always thought she was ditsy and only cared about fashion and shoplifting, but she ended up being a crazy genius- smarter than Spencer even. I’m not making any    -A theories but it is interesting that Hanna is suddenly really smart but her lines are just as stupid and entertaining.

Speaking of Haleb and being questioned, the two are sitting at the police station, thinking of what they’re going to say when they hear shouting. Holbrook rushes into the office, throws a couple things into a box, yells about being fired, and storms off. He runs into Haleb on the way out and gives Hanna a sort of “I hate you” look and leaves.

But onto other –A theories. Mike (Aria’s brother) is now the prime suspect. Which means he’s not ultimately going to be –A because they wouldn’t have given so much away this early in the season. But whatever. Spencer finds out that Mike went to see Ali in prison. Honestly, he probably just wants to discuss the death of his girlfriend with her accused murderer but I guess it could mean he’s –A. When Spencer tells Aria, she follows Mike to a dock at a lake where he leaves a bag of candy. My theory is that he went there often with Mona and they would eat candy while they looked out on the lake and talked. That would explain why he got so upset that Aria was there, since it was sort of a sacred spot for him. But sure, he’s probably leaving it for –A or something. Let’s just all assume that. Regardless, I hope they’re not going to waste tons of plotline on this theory that Mike is –A when he’s actually coming to terms with the death of his girlfriend. Because we all know how the “EZRA IS –A” plotline worked out. Seriously, they wasted a whole season on that false storyline. In the end, Aria tells Mike not to go back to see Ali. Yeah, I’m sure your little brother who’s about twice your size is going to listen to you. Good try, though.

Adding to the theory that Mike is –A, he sees that Lesli and Hanna have a book that belonged to Mona and screams at Lesli, who he’s just met. He demands that she give him the book because he doesn’t want people taking a part Mona’s life like she never existed. Hanna promises she’ll return the book and Mike angrily leaves. Later, when Hanna is returning the book to Mona’s shelf, she has a flashback to a sleepover with Mona. In the flashback, Mona says something cryptic about the book. When Hanna remembers this she shakes the book and hears something shifting inside. When she opens the spine of the book, she finds an audio tape. When she plays it back, she hears a discussion with Bethany Young (cue menacing music). Bethany is talking about someone who can make a person do anything she wants (presumably Ali). Then Bethany says she can make plans too. The Liars determine that Bethany planned what happened to Ali that night when she was buried alive.

Meanwhile, Hanna gets pulled over by a cop on a side road, at night…seems completely legit. So Hanna pulls over like a good girl and waits for the cop to come to her window but he never does. She grabs some sort of stick or something and heads for the cop car only to find there’s no one in it. But surprise! Holbrook comes up behind her. I have to say, Officer Holbrook who’s not actually an officer anymore, looks pretty broken. When Hanna accuses him of working for Ali and framing all of them, he tells her with a crazy, sad look in his eyes that she has the wrong “fall guy”. He then goes onto say that Ali used her…talents…to get him to help her. But then she cut him off without any warning. He tells her that he was a cop with promise and a good career ahead of him, but that Ali ruined it. He then tries to hit on Hanna and she whacks him with her weapon and tells him he’s a grown man and Ali’s just a girl so he should’ve known better.

As for The Brew, Spencer’s barn renter, Jonny, is making an art piece for Ezra to put in the café. He builds it with the help of Spencer and Talia and won’t tell either of them what it’s about. In the end, he shows Spencer that if you put your elbows on the table he built and cup your hands to your ears, you can hear someone who talks into a microphone at the other end of the room. He says it was inspired by Rosewood and all its secrets. Wow, he’s deep. But also, he got paid $200 to make it and I do not believe for one minute that $200 even covered the cost of materials, much less benefited him. But whatever.

At the very end, Mike revisits Ali in prison. I told Aria that he wouldn’t listen to her. The scene of him signing in at the front desk is not set to music, but the tape of Bethany. The part where she says she can get a guy to do anything for her plays.

Lastly, we have the –A shot. We see –A in Mona’s bedroom checking the spine of the book for the audio tape. When –A finds the book is empty, he/she angrily slams the book down. I think this means that –A is not Lesli or Mike and definitely not one of the girls. Any of those people potentially have access to Mona’s room without having to break in all dolled up in their –A gear. However, that doesn’t necessarily rule out those suspects because the gloves and hoodie can really just be more symbolic of –A so you know it’s not just Mike looking for the tape but it’s –A Mike.

As always, leave any –A theories below!

Article by Victoria Shircliffe