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Pretty Little Liars Recap 6


Whether you like it or not, I think it’s time we all start shipping Sponny…or Spenny…okay Spencer and Jonny. Don’t stop reading this because you hate the couple or really love Spoby. I love Spoby too…but Jonny is adorable.

The episode starts off with the Liars going through Mike’s room looking through his stuff. The Liars happen upon a gold necklace that has strangely placed beads. Spencer figures out that the necklace is beaded to spell out a message in Morse code. Also known as a gift that no one has given anyone ever and that I only know exists because I Googled it after the show. And apparently after five seasons, they still haven’t learned how to put stuff back correctly. Later, Mike has one look at his room and tells Aria that if she ever goes in there again she’ll “live to regret it.” And then he flips a table. All of this, I might add, happens in front of Aria’s new tutor, Andrew. So that’s good. Aria asks Andrew to follow Mike in his car to see where he’s going since he’s suspicious of Aria. So this is basically a girl asking her tutor to follow her maybe psychotic, possibly murderous brother and find out where he’s going. That’s also known as something that WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. But whatever.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Jonny are chilling at Hollis waiting to talk to one of Jonny’s friends who has connections at Oxford for Spencer when Toby walks up. What follows is a super awkward conversation that I didn’t even want to re-watch for the sake of this review. They both ask the other what they’re doing at Hollis, even though Spencer really should be there considering she’s looking into colleges. But whatever. Toby tells Spencer his dad asked him to pick up some forms for Jenna. Because apparently Toby and his father are on speaking terms and APPARENTLY he’s on good terms with EVIL JENNA AGAIN. But whatever. After Toby leaves Sponny start walking around Hollis and see a painting hanging up in a gallery. The painting turns out to be…THEIR VANDALISM FROM THE LAST EPISODE (cue menacing music). The owner of the gallery says that someone brought it in from a dumpster at Hollis so technically, it belongs to him and neither Jonny nor Spencer have claim to it.

Jonny later tells Spencer that he’s going back to steal the paintings and Spencer readily agrees to go with him after he tells her they already sold one of them…the one she painted. Jonny tries to persuade her to stay home since she has college admissions and staying off Det. Tanner’s radar to worried about, but our ever lovely and stubborn Spencer ends up going with him anyway. And it’s a good thing she did because for a minor criminal, Jonny has no clue how to pick the lock or get the paintings down off the wires. Spencer helps him get all of the paintings but one and waits in the getaway car as he snags the last one. However, as Jonny is pulling the last piece down, he sets off an alarm. He grabs the painting and makes it to the van and he and Spencer speed off. Just when you think they’ve gotten away, Officer Toby comes along and arrests Jonny. He tells Spencer that Det. Tanner is trying to take advantage of their relationship and that she needs to walk away so he doesn’t have to arrest her. Jonny tells Toby that Spencer had nothing to do with the robbery. Officer Toby puts Jonny in handcuffs and drives him to the station. Later on, Jonny arrives back at Spencer’s house with the news that Mrs. Hastings has both posted his bail and kicked him out simultaneously. Mrs. Hastings takes the money from his bail out of his security deposit and sends him packing. Before he goes, he kisses Spencer and let me just say that she did not protest at all.

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Throughout all of this, Hanna is working on her talent for the pageant show. She enlists Emily to teach her a dance. When Hanna finds out that Kate, her evil stepsister, is signed up for the pageant, she kicks the dance practice into overdrive. By the end of the night she has her dance nailed down. But when it comes time to show her coach what she’s done, she makes it through the majority of the dance but lets her anger get the best of her towards the end. She starts thinking about Kate and all that she’s done to her and begins improvising some very strange moves. The coach tells Hanna she’s not pageant material, but then proceeds to tell Emily that she definitely is. Hanna is infuriated by this, but Emily tells her that she loves Hanna so much that she’s going to enter the pageant and win the scholarship for her. This has to be one of the sweetest moments in PLL history. Hanna later finds out that Kate isn’t even in the state so there’s no way she could be entering the pageant. She gets a text from –A revealing that is was she who signed Kate up.

After dance practice, Talia shows up and asks Emily why she left such a weird message on her phone. Earlier that day, Talia’s husband, Eric, had showed up at The Brew looking for her. What he tells Emily is very different from what Talia told her. Eric tells Emily that he understands if Talia wants a one-time thing with her. But Talia had told her that Eric understood about their relationship. Ultimately, Emily decides that their relationship is toxic and can end up absolutely nowhere. She tells Talia that there are three people in their relationship and Talia has lied to all of them. You go, Emily! You are an independent woman who doesn’t need any woman.

So back to earlier when Aria asked Andrew to follow Mike. So unbelievably, Andrew follows him to some shady part of the woods behind Mona’s house. He sees Mike put something in a hole in the tree and tells Aria how to get there. He insists that she doesn’t go alone, but after five seasons of dealing with this kind of stuff, Aria decides she can make it on her own. That night she finds the tree and climbs pretty far up to find what Mike hid. She uncovers a sliver packet and when she opens it, she finds a tube of blood. She then drops her flashlight and who else is there to pick it up but…..MIKE. He tells Aria that it’s not her or her friend’s blood, but that it’s Mona’s. She drops the tube and runs and Mike seems distraught over it being shattered on the ground. Aria speeds home and yells for her father once she gets there. Unfortunately, her father isn’t home. That’s when Mike bursts through the front door. Aria screams at him to stay away from her but all he wants is a chance to explain.

Mike tells Aria the story of the night he went to visit Mona before she died. The flashback shows Mona in her room talking to Lesli. While she’s talking she opens some sort of mini fridge that’s filled with tubes of her blood. She abruptly hangs up on Lesli (what Lesli said sort of rings true) and explains to Mike that she’s working for –A. Mike is clearly upset by this but Mona explains that it’s going to make up for all the bad stuff she’s done. She says that it will clear the Liars’ names and all she has to do is cover her home with her blood and disappear for a while. Mike doesn’t like the idea of her leaving at all, but the two set up times to meet so he’ll know that she’s safe. Mona gives him a tube of her blood as a promise that she’ll come back. Aww how creepy and romantic. Mike then tells Aria that he hasn’t seen Mona since, and that he truly believes she’s dead.

The last shot is of –A going through Mike’s room. She lifts a mid-sized weight a couple times and pulls a wrench out of her pocket. I have to say this –A looked a lot different from the other shots we’ve seen of –A. I definitely think the –A shots are different people, whether they’re all really –A or not.

My biggest question is why did Mona think –A would do anything to help the Liars? She had to know she would be ultimately unsuccessful with this when all –A has done since she stole the game from Mona is torture the Liars. As always, if you have any –A theories, leave them in the comments below. Also, if you can answer my question, comment that as well.

Article by Victoria Shircliffe 

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